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As part of your research on Mongolia check out some of these interesting web sites: Mongolian Tourism Association Mongolian Tourism Board  The Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with English site for visa regulations and your nearest Mongolian Embassy Find out more about Mongolia from the Foreign Office web site Check out the latest health information with the WHO Find out about the work of the United Nations in Mongolia Mongolia's National Airline Web Site Aeroflot Russian Airlines Web Site Air China's Web Site Best site for train travel to and in Mongolia, China and all countries of the former USSR For train travelling to/from Mongolia. Needing some equipment to stand up to the rigors of Mongolia?! For latest news, views and updates on Mongolia. For a range of maps when travelling in Asia. A site from and for horse enthusiasts in Germany.
 For great travel to North Korea:

In 2004, we started working together with Koryo Tours in Beijing. Koryo Tours is the number one travel provider for tours into North Korea. Traveling to North Korea is a once in a lifetime experience. Check out their fantastic website, or contact Peter at for this journey back in time. Peter himself went on this trip in late 2010 and returned with amazing impressions and some stories to tell!
 Lonely Planet Mongolia and "Dateline Mongolia"
Michael Kohn, a freelance journalist and travel writer, is a specialist on Mongolian culture and society. From 1998 to 2000 he served as the resident foreign editor for the Mongol Messenger, a weekly newspaper in Mongolia. He simultaneously reported for various international news outlets, including BBC radio and the Associated Press. When not on assignment Michael became acquainted with life on the ground by hitchhiking to the most remote corners of Mongolia to hike in the mountains and live with nomadic herders. Since 2003 Michael has worked for Lonely Planet and has written more then ten guidebooks, including Tibet, Israel, South Africa, Armenia and Mongolia. In 2007, Peter, the director of Blue Bandana/Active Mongolia assisted Michael with the new Lonely Planet Mongolia edition by researching all the Gobi Aimags.

 Dateline Mongolia: an American Journalist in Nomads Land (345 pages RDR Books),

is Michael's account of the three years he spent working for the Mongolian state news agency in the late 1990s. His in depth reportage, earned during years spent reporting for the Associated Press and the BBC, takes the reader on an epic journey from the political intrigues of the capital to the resurgent Buddhist monasteries and to vast steppes where nomads still struggle to survive off the land.
 Please check for more details.

 Also some interesting reading:
 Books and articles:
 The Lost Country. Mongolia Revealed. Becker, J. 1993
 History of Mongolia. Baabar, B. 1999.
 The Last Disco in Outer Mongolia. Middleton, N.
 Mongolian Heights. Sutro, M. Outside, July 2000. Peter was the guide on this epic bike trip in Northern Mongolia. (
 Travels in Northern Mongolia. Croner, D. 2001. (
 Lost in Mongolia: Rafting the world's last unchallenged river. Angus, C. 2003.
 In Mongolia, where the deer and the antelope play. Ware, T. The Seattle Times, February 20 2004
 The Great Mongolian Gold Rush. David, G. Special Issue FORTUNE, January 19 2004. (
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