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Winter in Mongolia
Holidays in the Freezer!
The winters in Mongolia are cold and long. This is the time when life slows down and family visits are made. Travelling through Mongolia in winter is a very different experience. It might be more difficult than in summer, but a journey into the cold Mongolian countryside can be very rewarding.

Winter Nadaam - the Khovsgol Ice Festival
A 4 day visit to the ice festival held every year in February on the frozen Lake Khovsgol

The Eagle Hunters of Bayan Olgii
During a 10 day trip, join an Eagle Hunter and his family in west of Mongolia
Winter Nadaam - the Khovsgol Ice Festival
4 days; 990 US $ plus domestic flights, date to be confirmed
Experience the winter Nadaam on the vast expenses of the frozen Lake Khovsgol. There is a constant array of colorful deels (local costume), excited faces, and greeting styles that have been practiced and passed down the generations in Mongolia for centuries. Ice sumo, horse sledge racing, ice skating and driving competitions are all part of this colorful event.
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Our pictures from past ice festivals are on-line. Click here to see them

The Eagle Hunters of Bayan Olgii
10 Days; 2790 US $ plus domestic flights,
In winter, the minority of the Kazakhs who live in the west of Mongolia have for centuries used eagles for hunting and still do so today. On this itinerary, you venture out to Bayan Olgii together with a Kazakh guide to join the family of an eagle hunter. There, observe the daily life in winter and join the hunter on his hunts.
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