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Overland Journeys through Mongolia
Mongolia is a huge country of endless rolling steppe, high mountains and empty desserts. The best way to experience a variety of Mongolian landscape is to join an overland jeep expedition taking in many of the highlights of Mongolia.
The Jewels of Mongolia
A 13 day overland expeditions through Central and Northern Mongolia

The Mysteries of the Gobi
An 11 day overland expedition to the highlights of Southern Mongolia - with Camel trekking!
The Jewels of Mongolia
13 days from 3225 US $
A sample of the best Mongolia has to offer in one trip, this 13 day tour will take you through the northern edge of the Gobi Desert, the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire at Karakorum, hot springs, volcanoes, rivers and lakes. Along the way you will have the chance to meet different ethnic groups and learn about ancient traditions and about the lifestyle of the nomads roaming the vast Mongol steppes.
Click here to see a detailed itinerary.

The Mysteries of the Gobi
11 days, from 2610 US $
Hundreds of years ago the desert was part of the main trade route between East and West, with camel caravans crossing the vast steppes loaded with perfumes, spices, and other goods. This trip takes in all the highlights of southern Mongolia: Baga Gazarin Chuluu, Bayan Zag (The Flaming Cliffs) famed for its’ red sandstone cliffs, Yolin Am ("The Vulture’s Mouth" ice canyon), Khongorin Els (The Singing Sands) , the forgotten monastery of Ongiin Khiid, Mongolia's biggest, waterfall The Red Waterfall, the hidden mountain top monastery of Tuvkhon Khiid and Kharkhorin, the old capital of the Mongolian empire.
Transport will be by 4X4 vehicles as well the distinctive two-humped Bactrian camel, accommodation will be in comfortable ger camps.
Click here to see a detailed itinerary.

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